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UFC Champ Anderson Silva Talks About His Attempt To Save UFC 151

Written on August 29, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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UFC 151 was cancelled after Jones turns down offers from fighters who are willing to be Vitor Belfort's replacement

After the announcement of Vitor Belfort’s withdrawal from the 151 event, due to an injury, a number of seasoned fighters offered to take his place, including middleweight champion Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva.

In his recent interview for Brazilian TV show, Domingao do Faustao, Silva talks about and his offer to UFC president to save , by being Belfort’s replacement:

“You have a whole camp preparing to fight a specific athlete. When the opponent changes, the preparation changes a bit. I thought he could have fought Chael, but it’s his decision. He prepared to fight Dan Henderson. The whole team thought it was best not to fight.”

“When I heard the event might be canceled, I called [UFC President] Dana White and said I would fight in the light heavyweight division against someone who also wasn’t training for the event,”

“Besides the main fight, the event had many other fighters who depended on it. I worried about that, because I have lived through situations like this in smaller events.”

Silva recently earned his sixteenth straight win by stopping at last July’s UFC 148 event. His impending return to the Octagon is still in question, however his fans would like for him to fight in his next bout.

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  • majesty95

    The show was cancelled because Dan Henderson was injured, not Belfort. Also, Silva’s fans don’t necessarily want to see him fight Weidman. Does this person follow MMA?

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