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Nike Drops Manny Pacquiao As Their Endorser and Replaces him with Jon Jones

Written on August 13, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones has recently signed a multi-year contract with Nike

light heavyweight champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones is the biggest fighter to date. Sports brand, , have taken notice of his stature and hired him as their latest endorser.

Jones has recently inked a multi-year contract with Nike, effective immediately as he prepares for his  upcoming fight with Dan Henderson in Las Vegas, this September. He is the first MMA fighter to be hired by Nike. Jones will apparently be clad in Nike Gear in UFC 151.

UFC President says that Nike has been a big help to the overall growth and development of MMA and adds that Nike has decided to drop as their endorser, in favor of Jones.

White revealed:

“They’re shutting down the Manny Pacquiao line and starting up the line, I don’t know why they shut down the Pacquiao line, but they did and that (expletive) was selling like hot cakes. I got Manny Pacquiao (expletive) from Nike.”

Jones’ deal with Nike includes a clothing line and as well as signature shoe, that will be expected to be manufactured in a few months time.

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