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Nick Diaz Could Still Earn a Shot Against GSP

Written on September 25, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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With some of the fences already mended, UFC President - Dana White - is willing to give Nick Diaz another shot for the welterweight title.

After former Strikeforce welterweight champion, , no-showed two consecutive press conferences for , UFC President – – yanked him out of the tournament’s main event against . But a few days after, he was given another chance in the fight card as a co-main event fighter contra .

And finally, Dana White had the chance to catch up with the fighter. Some of the fences are now mended, and the UFC president now knows how he has to work with the UFC talent.

“I talked to Nick two days ago on the phone for an hour. Here’s the thing with Nick Diaz, in which I’m not used to but I’m going to get used to it, he’s just a different guy. I’m going to have to handle him and deal with him differently than I do every other guy in the UFC. I’m cool with that.”

Dana White also admits that pulling Nick Diaz off the main card wasn’t an easy decision. But something had to be done. However, he believes that he can work with Nick Diaz. In fact, the fighter potentially has a chance to earn another welterweight shot against GSP when he faces BJ Penn at UFC 137.

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