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Brad Pickett All Geared up for His UFC 138 Debut

Written on September 19, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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"With Barao, everyone is raving about him and it’s my job to find out if he is the real deal." --- Brad Pickett

is looking forward to , as it will mark his promotional debut against Renan Barão. However, he slightly tempers his enthusiasm since he has been in this position before.

“I was originally meant to be making my UFC debut back in May, but an injury forced me out of the fight.”

He also added that he can’t get too excited because anything can happen.

“Until I am standing in the Octagon, on the night, I won’t truly let my excitement out. I have to keep myself grounded as loads can happen between now and then. I could get injured or Renan Barão could.”

But one thing is for sure, Brad Pickett – albeit very keen to be back in action after his injury – is both disappointed for not having a shot against and relieved that he had overcome his affliction. Moving on and focusing on his training for UFC 138, Brad Pickett is remarkably relaxed about Renan Barão’s fearsome reputation and 26-fight win streak.

“All respect to Barão, but I was more excited for the Torres fight. With Barão, everyone is raving about him and it’s my job to find out if he is the real deal, whereas we knew that as fact with Torres. It was the same situation back when I fought and I came out on top of that encounter.

“I know that he hasn’t fought anybody in the top ten yet and I am his first at this level so it’s hard to measure exactly how good he is.”

After a year on the sidelines, and having a point to prove against the up-and-coming Brazilian fighter, Brad Pickett is firmly concentrating on the matter at hand: Make a statement in front of his countrymen by finishing a top prospect, and prove to the world that the lighter guys could give the fans a fast-paced action that is full of technique and gas.

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