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MMA Nutrition: Getting an Edge with MMA Nutrition

Written on September 13, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Take these simple tips on how to get a premium MMA nutrition.

A serious athlete would put as much planning into his as he did with his training. A fighter knows that a proper MMA plan is the way for his body to look and perform at its best. Without being complex, this article will help you enhance performance, lose fat, and reduce injuries.

1. Consume smaller meal more frequently.

Consuming many smaller meals throughout the day is more beneficial than fewer larger ones. The process of eating the right food throughout the day will aid you take advantage of the thermic effect of eating. Digestion, absorption and assimilation of right foods – such as lean protein and complex carbon – will cause you to burn more calories and have more consistent energy levels.

2. Consume complex sugar.

While eating simple carbs can be beneficial before, during and after workout, it is best to stick to complex sugars from natural sources like oatmeal and whole grains. Eating complex approximately three hours before a workout will ensure that your body has its proper fuel.

3. Hydrate yourself.

Performance ability substantially drops as the body starts to dehydrate. It’s a common mistake to wait until you’re thirsty to drink, since it is too late at this point. So drink whenever you can! It is also recommended that you drink at least half of your body’s weight in ounces of water every day. For example: You weight 200 lbs., you should drink at least 100 ounces of water. If your urine is light color, that is a good sign.

4. Consume .

While it is wise to limit saturated fats, certain essential fatty acids are necessary for prime health and performance. Fatty acids like and could help you reduce inflammation and improve cardiovascular and mental functions. Unless you are eating certain types of fish that provides essential fats – like mackerel or salmon – about three times a week, it is encouraged that you supplement your diet with flaxseed oil or other essential fatty acid formula.

In general, MMA is a sport that requires intense training. Hence, if you lack proper nutritional program, you might gasp for air when in action.


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