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UFC 134: Silva vs Okami Preview

Written on August 25, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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With UFC 134 on its way, who do you think will take home the championship belt on Saturday?

Finally, the time has come for and to lock horns again. And while The Spider has grown tired of hearing about his loss against The Thunder, the latter must be thinking of how he can snatch the title. However, has the reach advantage, he moves in a jiffy, extremely good in stand-up fights, and has knowledge in BJJ. Still, Yushin Okami carries with him great takedowns, boxing prowess and grappling skills.

That said, fans must expect Yushin Okami to get Anderson Silva in a clinch and wear him out. However, he must look out with the champion’s knees. If the contender can wear him the reigning king down again – with some ground and pound – the match could go the distance. Still, Anderson Silva can take a beating and can wrap up a quick submission if needed.

’s main event is going to be an entertaining fight, with both Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami showcasing their skills like never before. Still, the latter would need to catch the champion with a powerful punch in order to get a victory while on foot. Yushin Okami must be more aggressive with his ground and pound, and he must out maneuver Anderson Silva if he wants to secure a submission.

Will Anderson Silva retain his title, or will Yushin Okami be hailed as the new middleweight king? Share your predictions at the comments.


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