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Category: MMA

MMA Nutrition: Creatine

Written on August 22, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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With Creatine being popular for most athletes, is it useful for a MMA fighter?

Most athletes – especially bodybuilder – have been using over the past decade to improve their performance and to increase their muscle mass. As for MMA fighters, the physical requirements of Mixed Martial Arts are far from the demands of bodybuilding. And in order to determine whether taking for a MMA fighter is worthwhile or not, let’s first learn what is and how it works.

Creatine supplies energy required during brief but highly intense activity like a 100 meter sprint. And whether you are using carbohydrates, fats, proteins or Creatine, it must be broken down to to be utilized as an energy source. However, only a small amount of can actually be stored in the muscle cells. Hence, Creatine can be a secondary supply to fuel the high intensity activity.

Creatine stored in the muscle converts Adenosine di-phosphate () to ATP. However, this supplement only provides energy during the 30 seconds of the activity. Beyond that, the body switches to fast glycolysis. So, is Ceatine really worth taking for an MMA athlete? Yes, it can be worth it.

While a MMA activity is highly intense, the duration is not exactly “brief.” A round of MMA bout usually takes five minutes, and each match is composed of 3 – 5 rounds. However, it only takes a moment to finish a fight sometimes. If Creatine can add a few extra seconds to a flurry of punches, then it’s worth using.


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