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MMA Diet: Before Fight and After Fight Diet

Written on August 18, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Why is a pre and post-fight diet plan is important?

As Fighting Insider mentioned on its MMA Nutrition article yesterday, what a MMA fighter eats after session is as important as what he intakes prior to that. But why is a pre and plan imperative and not identical? The truth is, each plans have a different role. While the plan provides endurance and increases the body’s energy, the plan is more on body recovery.

Pre-fight Diet

For MMA fighters, it’s essential to hold a highly effective pre-fight diet plan since it enhances their performance during intense competitions. It is important that they have appropriate nutrition from the foods they eat, so they can have enough endurance and strength. And since vigorous activities consume a large amount of energy, a MMA fighter must keep his blood sugar level sufficient.

According to Fight Diet Plan, it is suggested to eat small frequent meals than usual as the fight gets closer. A pre-fight diet plan may compose of brown bread sandwiches, cereals and fruits. Anything that will not be built into a fight diet plan is not allowed, since it can give a fighter extra weight and can cause gastrointestinal problems.

In addition to this, a MMA fighter should be hydrated properly. Strenuous training may cause water loss since a fighter perspires too much. It is essential that this water losses are replenished quickly to circumvent dehydration.

Post-fight Diet

After a fight, a MMA fighter may have damages in the body. Hence, it should be dealt quickly. Be it internal or external, a post-fight diet plan is important since it can prevent long-run medical problems. That said, a MMA fighter can repair his body from damages through restoring glycogen levels. This prevents body’s consumption from its own muscle mass for further energy.

Thus, a fighter must eat more proteins and carbohydrates after fight for muscle tissue repair. Fight Diet Plan suggests that a fighter must eat within six hours after the competition. They should eat the same meal every two hours within the six-hour period, before they can go back to their normal diet.


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