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MMA Nutrition: Pre-activity Carbohydrates

Written on August 10, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Want to have a turbo charged MMA performance? Then heed on Larry Pepe's advise at this week's MMA nutrition.

Whether you are just training in a gym or competing inside the cage, a MMA fighter needs maximum energy and conditioning to be successful. Good thing, there are nutritional choices that you can make to help you perform at your best.

According to , there are four C’s for a turbo charged MMA performance: Pre-activity , post-activity , creatine and common sense.

This week, Fighting Insider will take a closer look at the pre-activity carbohydrates.


Carbohydrates is one macronutrient that stands above the rest when it comes to food choices that can boost your stamina, energy and overall performance. Despite having a bad rap from high-fat diet fans, carbohydrates can be your best friend when performance is your game. And since the body seeks source of energy, a sufficient amount of carbs both before and after a performance is required.

When it comes to the amount of carbohydrates you’ll need to take, it depends on the type of your activity. Larry Pepe advised that you experiment with the amount of pre-training carbs you need in order to perform at your best. Start with a gram of carbohydrates for every three pounds of your body weight. For instance, you weight 150lbs, that means you would consume 50 grams of carbs. Then note how you feel after a few training sessions. If you’re fizzling before your session ends, then add 10 – 20 grams on your consumption and check for improvements.

Another thing to take note of is the type of carbohydrates that you consume. It is advised to take slow burning carbs like pasta, oatmeal, potatoes and whole grains if your training would go for more than an hour. Otherwise, take fast burning carbs like fruits and various energy bars. While Larry Pepe personally favors a combination of the two, the key here is find what works best for you.


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