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Flyweight Division, Making its Way to UFC on Early 2012?

Written on August 10, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Flyweight division is rumored to make its way to the UFC, but it's not likely to happen until early next year.

has been long flirted with the idea of having a division, which is not likely to happen before the year closed. According to UFC President, , plans for the 125-pound division are still in place. However, it is more likely to make its way to the promotion by early 2012.

The flyweights were rumored to make a home at Zuffa since WEC days, but it is still awaiting in the largest MMA promotion yet. However, Dana White expects several fighters to drop down in weight once the flyweight is up and running. This could include , and . , who is currently ranked as the best flyweight MMA fighter, could make a return to Zuffa as well.

More fighters could follow Ian McCall to the UFC, but it looks like the plans for the 125-pound division will possibly happen next year.

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