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Chris Lytle: To Give Dan Hardy the Fight He Deserves

Written on August 10, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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"I feel like if I do my job, I’ll give him the fight that he deserves and that’s what I plan on doing." --- Chris Lytle, UFC Welterweight Fighter

This Sunday, will face in the main event of on in Milwaukee. With the former’s fighting spirit, crowd-pleasing style and determination – matched with his opponent’s striking style – it is no brainer that their bout has the potential of being the Fight of the Night. quickly noticed that potential, hence they’ve decided that their fight is best suited as the main event.

Chris Lytle told MMAWeekly Radio:

“That’s about as big a compliment as they can give me. They appreciate the way I’ve been fighting, they appreciate my style and what I’ve been doing.  You know they’re going to trust that the last fight on the card that people want to see it.  That tells me that they know that people like the way I fight, they appreciate it and I’m honored to be in that spot.”

He also recalled Dan Hardy being frustrated in his last defeat against Anthony Johnson. The British fighter was held down when all he really wanted was to give a good show. Chris Lytle felt the same kind of difficulty and became sympathetic to his opponent. Thus, he promised to give Dan Hardy the chance to stand and trade.

“The impression that I get from the way he talks is that he didn’t like his last fight because he didn’t really get to fight, he got held down, and he just really wanted to put on a good show.  He wanted to throw down and it didn’t happen, so he was disappointed with that.

“I’ve been there, I know that frustration.  I feel like if I do my job, I’ll give him the fight that he deserves and that’s what I plan on doing.  So I feel pretty confident he’ll just let it all out there and fight.”

The UFC on Versus 5 will kick off on Sunday, August 14, at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee.

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