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UFC 133 Results: White Talks About Evans’ Performance, Hallman’s Trunks

Written on August 08, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Dana White disclosed all his thoughts with regards to the UFC 133 results -- Evans' performance and Hallman's disgusting short-shorts.

Just after the event last Saturday, UFC President – – had an interview with Karyn Bryant from MMA Heat – in which he clearly commented on some vital aspects of the show. One of which is the impressive bout performance of over Tito Ortiz.

White agreed that Evans was awesome that night. “ tweeted ‘Same old, same old’ – I don’t know what he was seeing. Same old, same old would be if Rashad came in, double leg, lay on the guy for three rounds, and won a decision,” the President stated in his interview. “That was far from the ‘same old, same old’. I’m a huge believer of ring-rust, but that might have blew my whole theory on ring-rust.”

Meanwhile, aside from praising Rashad Evans, White also commented on the trunks which wore during his fight against Brian Ebersole last Saturday. He said it was disgusting and even announced that he is serious about banning that kind of bikini bottom from the competition – not because it was too short or revealing – but because it is not appropriate to wear for a combative sport such as MMA.

“It was disgusting. I’m pissed off that someone that works for me let him come out with those,” White exclaimed. “It will never happen again. I seriously gave Ebersole the $70,000 bonus. I gave him that bonus for getting that off television as soon as possible.”

Watch Dana White’s interview below:

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