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MMA Technique: Whizzer – Final Part

Written on July 14, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Learn the last fighting stance with the Whizzer on today's MMA Technique.

Today, Fighting Insider will share with you the last associated with the or — the . Continue reading to learn more of from the .

Throw from the Whizzer

1. The man on the left has an on his opponent, while the latter whizzers his arm.

2. Next, the opponent takes wrist control on the far arm and blocks the guy’s centering using his head.

3. Then the opponent quickly steps his back leg up and fires his right leg up between the guy’s legs.

4. After that, the opponent imbalances the man on the left by driving the whizzer forward, pulling on the controlled arm and lifting his leg.

5. He continues to circle to his left until the man falls.

6. Then the opponent finishes the throw from the whizzer with a strong control position.


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