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MMA Technique: Whizzer – Part 4

Written on July 13, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Another fighting style with the help of Whizzer made its way to Fighting Insider's MMA Technique. Read on to learn the Triangle Choke from an Overhook.

Today on Fighting Insider’s , we will talk about the from an .

The Triangle Choke, or Sankaku-jime in Judo, is a figure-four chokehold which strangles the opponent by encircling his neck and one arm with the legs. Its configuration is similar to the triangle shape. The Triangle Choke is an effective counter attack, which is easily employed from the bottom position.

Continue reading to learn how to execute the Triangle Choke from an Overhook.

Triangle Choke from an Overhook

1. The man lying on the mat has close guard and overhooks one of his opponent’s arm.

2. Next, he takes his hips out to the side.

3. On the reverse angle, you can see his leg pushing and creating pressure with his shin on his opponent’s thigh.

4. Then he bases up on his free arm.

5. Using his based arm while driving in with his right leg, he lifts his hips up and out, until he’s almost at the side of his opponent.

6. He then inserts his left leg back in.

7. And throws his leg over his opponent’s free arm.

8. Then he gears up for a triangle attack.

9. Lastly, he closes his legs and finishes the choke.


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