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MMA Technique: Whizzer – Part 2

Written on July 11, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Today on MMA Technique: Learn the Whizzer to Fireman Carry Throw.

Following Fighting Insider’s to Front Headlock article, we are going to talk about the this time.

As said on the previous articles, the Whizzer is used in various ways. With the Fireman Carry Throw, you can bring down your opponent on the mat by lifting him up on your shoulders and throwing him down. Continue reading to learn more on the Fireman Carry Throw .

Whizzer to Fireman Carry Throw

1. The man on the left has the whizzer over his opponent’s right arm and wrist control on the left.

2. Then he jumps in low to his knees, firing his right arm up between his opponent’s legs.

3. On the reverse angle, you can see how the man in black was able to retain his control on his opponent’s whizzed arm from the beginning.

4. After that, he dips his left shoulder, pulling with his arm and lifting with the other.

5. Next, the man in black throws off his opponent and brings his head out.

6. Then from here, he can lock in side control.

More techniques on Whizzer are sure to come, so just keep it posted here at Fighting Insider to learn more.


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