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MMA DIET 101: Becoming Vegetarian

Written on July 10, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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How to become a vegetarian and and what does it mean to be one? Read on to find the answers.

From Olympian Carl Lewis to notable fighters like Jon Fitch, , Nick Diaz and Mac Danzig, more and more athletes are making their . However, knowing if you should take the same path as them is not the question. What’s important is knowing how should you go. Because in one way or another, we should all become vegetarians to certain extent.

Consuming meat is not a bad thing, but eating too much of it is. You can do that by making every other meal meatless. More over, your meat meals should be of small portion, and it would be better if they are more often fish. Below are three lists that states why should you go vegetarian, the different types of vegetarian, and how you can make your transition safe and enduring.


While the world’s population is increasing, the number of available land to grow quality food is decreasing. The result is more people entering poverty and dying of hunger, and food poison microorganism outbreaks like e-coli and salmonella increases. There is also the pressing issue of climate change, which causes unpredictable weather changes that results to poor rice and grain harvests.

Consumption of meat is also said to moderately impact cancer, heart disease and life longevity negatively. Albeit Science hasn’t caught up all the benefits of becoming a vegetarian yet, people from various fields are giving countless positive testimonies about it in all aspects of health.


According to Harvard Health Publications, the different types of vegetarians are the following:

1. Total Vegetarians – Those who do not eat meat, poultry, fish or any products derived from animals.
2. Lacto-ove Vegetarians – Those who do not eat meat, poultry and fish, but consumes egg and dairy products.
3. Lacto Vegetarians – Those who do not eat meat, poultry, fish or eggs, but consumes dairy products.
4. Ovo Vegetarians – Those who do not eat meat, poultry, fish or dairy products, but consumes eggs.
5. Partial Vegetarians – Thos who avoid meat, but eat fish or poultry.


Many vegetarians take protein shakes. If you want to be like them, make sure that you’ll go as natural as possible.

Becoming vegetarian can give you an unexpected weight loss. That is because the fiber and roughage can eliminate excess waste from our body, and that fruits and vegetables are not calorically dense like meat. It takes up a big space on the plate, allowing the temporary stomach expansion to make us feel we’ve eaten tons.

But whether there is a definite way on how to become a vegetarian, the answer is no. However, we can certainly relate that primitive people ate meat, but they’re more inclined to eat what was easiest since it means survival. Becoming vegetarian is also being aware of what you eat. So don’t replace your red meat with lots of cake, chips and soda. The ‘splurge effect’ can be prevented by not going raw or taking your fats and completely, since red meat often contains and usually salted. You can drizzle some virgin olive oil and pinch some on your salad, or mix in chopped bananas and coconut milk on your morning oatmeal.

More MMA Diets are sure to come, so just keep it posted here at Fighting Insider.


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