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MMA Technique: Whizzer – Part 1

Written on July 09, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Fighting Insider is having another series of its MMA Techniques, and this week, we are featuring the Whizzer!

The , also known as the , is a standard for both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. An Overhook is where you wrap your opponent’s arm with your own, and control him. It can either be a on its own right or an underhook counter. When used with a strong hip movement, the Overhook is often referred to as the Whizzer. In , the Whizzer is used in grappling.

So continue reading below to see one of the many ways on how you can use the Whizzer.

Whizzer to

1. The man on the left has a Whizzer on his opponent’s right arm, with wrist control on the left.

2. He turns and twist his left leg in between his opponent’s legs, and breaks the opponent’s balance by driving down with his left shoulder.

3. The man in black postures up and immediately turns back to face his opponent while keeping the Whizzer.

4. Then he wrapped his opponent’s head.

5. He lets go of the whizzered arm, passes it across to take a front headlock.

6. The man in black finishes his opponent by snapping him down to the knees.


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