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Tito Ortiz’ “Big, Big, Big Pay Cut”, a Trick?

Written on July 06, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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List of UFC 132 salaries revealed that Tito Ortiz does not even received a “Big, Big, Big Pay Cut” after all.

Last week, disclosed that he had taken a “Big, Big, Big Pay Cut” in order to stay longer in the UFC and have a chance to finish at . However, after the released the full list of the , it has been revealed that Tito Ortiz had somehow tricked us all. Based on the said figures, he received a much larger purse compared from what he got during his previous fights.

At the UFC event last Saturday, Tito Ortiz took home $450,000 fee, excluding the additional $75,000 which UFC gave him for “Submission of the Night”. During his UFC 121 loss to Matt Hammil and UFC 106 loss to Forrest Griffin, he only received $250,000. Well, it seems that this is not a “Big, Big, Big Pay Cut”, isn’t it?

Tito Ortiz has not given any comments on this issue yet. But to defend his part, maybe he just chose to get a portion of the payment, so he could have a reason to stay in the UFC longer.

Ortiz and Silva are the two MMA fighters who earned the highest salary during the event. Condit recieved an additional $75,000 from UFC for the “KO of the Night”, as well as Cruz and Faber for “Fight of the Night.”

Click here for the full list of UFC 132 salaries.

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