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Bodyweight Strength Exercises

Written on June 24, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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It’s no secret that pound-for-pound strength is one of the most important factors of being successful in MMA, and there is no better way to build true pound-for-pound strength than bodyweight training.

It’s no brainer that pound-for-pound strength is one of the most important factors to become a successful MMA athlete. And the best way to build that strength is through bodyweight training. While conditioning is an important factor to fight in shape, you are not going to get strong by just boxing jumps the entire day.

Fighting Insider is giving you three that you can follow, so you can start building and controlling your total .

A muscle up is like a pull up with a dip. To do this exercise, you’ll need a pull up bar with huge overhead clearance. The aim of this exercise is for you to push your entire body up and over. This requires a lot of upper body strength, and can also help you develop explosive power.

A variant of the single leg squat, the pistol is done by reaching one leg out in front while squatting on the other. Be sure to engage your abs to keep your heel flat on the ground when doing this exercise. In order to find your balance, sit back on a bench or a plyo-box. Doing the pistol squat with poise requires strength, flexibility and .

Handstand Push-up
The handstand push-up is the best way to build magnanimous pushing power. To do this, start with making a headstand with your back slightly arched against the wall. Make sure that your fingers are spread out even, and use your core muscles to keep your body tight as you lower down and push yourself up. If you are not yet strong enough, you can start with your feet on the bench first. Just ensure that the top of your head touches the ground on every repetition, or you can use your nose so you can go a bit lower.

When learning these new moves, remember to be patient and take it one day at a time. Most people won’t be able to do even a single repetition of any of them, so don’t get discouraged if you too. Be humble and keep on practicing.

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