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Wanderlei Silva Returns to Beat Chris Leben at UFC 132

Written on June 22, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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The Axe Murder, Wanderlei Silva, hasn’t fought since 2010 due to injuries. Now, he is expected to face Chris Leben at UFC 132.

was unable to fight for the past 17 months due to injuries. But now, a more motivated fighter gets back on the scene to finish at . “I want to show the best Wanderlei Silva for my fans around the world in this fight,” Silva said during a conference call.

Before suffering from a broken rib, Wanderlei Silva was originally slated to meet Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 116 last July. The said injury was followed by a serious knee affliction, which pushed the fighter to undergo a surgery. The moment he recovered, Wanderlei Silva immediately started his training at his own gym in Las Vegas in order to get back into his original shape. He stated:

“He has 16 different guys that are professional guys (that) fight in Strikeforce or the UFC, and we have a great camp there. They’re so tough; these guys kick my ass every day. But it makes me stronger. I’m ready for my next fight – standup, ground, takedowns – and [I have] really good cardio right now. I have the best camp in my life.”

Wanderlei Silva has fought few of the best fighters in the industry. At UFC 110, he won over through a unanimous decision, he gained three victories and even aimed for the “The Ultimate Fighter 14″ title. He was also challenged for a coaching postion during the “The Ultimate Fighter 13″. “I’m thinking, of course, I want to fight for the belt. One day, I want my belt back. But I can’t talk about that right now. I’ve been out for one year. I’m going to get back with this great fighter now”, he said.

On the other hand, Chris Leben – Wanderlei Silva’s contender and fan at the same time – returns to the cage after a loss against Brian Stann at UFC 125. For Wanderlei Silva, he likes how Chris Leben fights — coming forward and throw bombs. It’s like the opposite of what Michael Bisping did during their match at UFC 110.

“I’m thinking it’s a really important fight for me. A lot of guys ask me. I talk to the boss and say, ‘I want a fight with Chris Leben.’ The guy asks me why. I say because I watched him against Akiyama (at UFC 116) and he did very well. We can make maybe the best fights of the year. I don’t love him, but I love money. I want the check of the best fight of the night, and maybe the best fight of the year.”

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  • Toni Vlaic

    to beat Chris Leben? Let’s wait and see

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