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Official UFC 131 List of Medical Suspensions

Written on June 22, 2011 by Lulu

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Vancouver Athletic Commission released its list of UFC 131 fighters that received suspensions due to their medical conditions.

After the successful : vs Shane Carwin event, all of the fighters who participated received a suspension order from the that was released on Tuesday. Junior Dos Santos and ten other UFC 131 fighters received a mandatory nine day rest order. Meanwhile, other fighters – including Shane Carwin – received a much longer suspension due to the injuries they obtained from the tournament.

Jason Young received the longest period of suspension. He had a tender right foot and laceration on his left eyebrow, medically suspending him for 180 days with a pending x-ray on his foot. If the x-ray didn’t find any severe injuries, he will be only under a 45-day suspension with no contact for 30 days.

Shane Carwin was suspended for 60 days with no contact for 45 days, because of multiple facial lacerations and a nasal fracture from his fight against Dos Santos. Diego Nunes also received a 45-day suspension with no contact for 30 days due to lacerations of the scalp and right eyebrow. Other fighters that received a 45 day suspensions with 30 days of no contact same as Nunes include Yves Edwards for facial abrasions and being knocked out; for a laceration on his left eyelid; Aaron Rosa for a left eyebrow laceration, abrasions on his face, and a sprained right elbow; and Darren Elkins for a right eyebrow laceration.

While the rest of the fighters received 30 day suspensions with no contact for 21 days. These fighters are for facial abrasions and a contusion on his left thigh, John Olav Einemo for a minor head injury suffered in his TKO loss, Dave Herman for a tooth avulsion, Vagner Rocha for a contusion on his left thigh and a laceration on his right eyelid, and Mike Massenzio for a minor abrasion on his face.

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