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Royce Gracie: UK Fighters are MMA’s Noobs

Written on June 16, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Royce Gracie advised the fighters of UK that they should focus on learning a single style first, then master it before attempting to learn new MMA stunts.

UFC Ultimate, , gave a reminder to British fighters that it is better to hone their skills in one style first before practicing some advanced mixed martial arts styles. Gracie believes that being a great fighter cannot be achieved over night. One has to be patient because it takes time before British artists can adapt Jiu-Jitsu skills at the very highest level.

As the Hall of Famer and the first UFC champion, Royce Gracie has been very supportive to the of MMA. He told The Telegraph that aspiring fighters of UK must master a skill one at a time, and they have to focus on pursuing their goal of being a skilled Mixed Martial Artists. He said:

“You have to grow slowly. Before you go to University you have to go to kindergarten, then to high school. Right now in England they are about 10 years old [in ground skills]. I’ve been teaching in America 25 years, my brother was here 15 years before that so we have been here teaching all that time. They are babies in England right now, 10 years old…It takes time.”

“This is a strategy game. It’s as simple as that. You can’t think ‘I’m going in there, I’m going to hit him a few times, go for the takedown, hit him with a few elbows, take his back, and submit him…’ Is that a strategy ? No. It’s a wish. Strategy is when you figure out what your opponent is going to do, then you set up your game plan, either defensive, or offensive, or both…”

“You have to figure out your opponent’s game, so you can take him out of his game. Most likely, the strategy is constructed before, but can also be when you are in there. There’s plan A, plan B and sometimes you have to pull out plan C during the fight.”

For Royce Gracie, everything will happen with right timing. During his first match at UFC 1 in November 1993, everyone on the stadium closed their eyes for they feared that Royce Gracie may commit an injury, knowing that he is the first one to represent the family. He explained “It was just the right time. I was the right size. I wasn’t bulked up and I didn’t look very scary, so to speak. It was just the right timing for me.”

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