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Brett Rogers Prepares for His Match Against Josh Barnett

Written on June 16, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Strikeforce Heavyweight Champ, Brett Rogers, is having a new and special diet in preparation for his upcoming battle with Josh Barnett.

There is something new and different with ’s these past few days. If you will look closely to this heavyweight champ, he seems to be gaining pounds. Well, explained that it’s not the training camp alone that boosted his weight. He is currently taking a new diet which he said is the key for being a “top to bottom” fighter. He even told, “Because I understand that healthy is going to get you wealthy”.

For Brett Rogers, diet is not the only ingredient which would make him win in MMA. Even though he eats a lot of burgers and salads, it would never be enough to make strong kicks and great punches. However, he is trying to improve his skills and throw out any weaknesses he may have after several defeats against top-tier competition. The Strikeforce fighter said that there are some factors that hinder him from doing a good match, including a “tug of war” between him and an unnamed coach.

“But things have been taken care of,” Brett Rogers explained.

Though Brett Rogers commits few losses, he still takes pride in having a 9-0 record. He even shared that his losses made him a better person:

“I wouldn’t say so much of a rush. It was kind of, ‘Breathe a little bit.’ I shouldn’t have been so focused on just moving forward so much. But it definitely woke me up. I’m a lot more relaxed and a lot more calm, and I have to tell you, (I have to take) a responsibility for myself and not rely on everybody else.”

Now, Brett Rogers is keeping himself busy so he could prove to himself and to his supporters that he could still fight and win. The heavyweight champ is currently preparing for his incoming battle against . Brett Rogers sees this match as a big challenge, especially now that there are some buzzes stating that is such a dangerous opponent.

“The big man is going to take me down to the ground and force me to display some ground work. To me, it’s not a dumb fight completely because I’ve been doing MMA for five or six years. Most importantly, you need to prove yourself. I have to prove myself in getting back up and finishing where I like to be, which is standing up.”

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