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Mixed Martial Arts Banned in New York!

Written on June 14, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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A shocking announcement alarmed the supporters of MMA - Mixed Martial Arts are currently banned in New York.

For the die-hard fans and supporters of mixed martial arts, they have witness how this sport became a boom in the entertainment industry. Probably, over several years now, mixed martial arts have proven itself to be one of the best athletic sports today – it has the highest visitors in any sporting event worldwide, it is televised on almost all cable networks, it has a diverse number of sponsorships, and of course, has a gigantic count of fans. In fact, it is even accredited by 45 of 48 athletic commissions in Canada, Australia, and some U.S states.

Sadly, there was a decision made recently that pushed the fans to never enjoy their favorite sport anymore. Now, the Mixed Martial Arts is banned in .

Tracking back through its history, the MMA was first introduced in the United States with the help of a Brazilian sport known as vale tudo or “anything goes.” Since then, the MMA was marked by a free regulation. This means there would be no rules, no weight classes and no time limits. However, in year 2001, Mixed Martial Arts were reinvented. Its rules were changed by a group of regulatory bodies and a few promoters, including the UFC. They have insisted that there should be rooms for weight classes, and rounds and time limits must be set.

All throughout the MMA history, no serious incidents have been reported – this only means that this sport is safe yet thrilling. In the UFC today, they have numerous doctors that are present at every fights. They also require all the players to participate in a pre- and post-fight MRIs and drug testing to ensure a protected gameplay. Also, this sport is known as a professional one since they follow a strict rules. During a match, if a fighter gets injured, he will be asked to step out of the ring.

For some enthusiasts, bringing back the MMA to New York is quite impossible for it might make a public policy sense for some states and cities.

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  • Kmis2

    This article’s information is inaccurate.  MMA has been banned in NY since 1997,  when then-governor George Pataki enacted into law the banning of all mixed martial arts events in New York State.  This is not recent.  The current bill is in the Assembly to repeal the ban and authorize the athletic commission to regulate the sport. There has been no announcement made banning MMA recently.

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