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Experiences Prepare Referee Herb Dean For UFC 131

Written on June 14, 2011 by Lulu

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Prepared by thousands of experiences on how to handle a match and guided by his conscience makes Herb Dean as the most qualified man to stand between two great fighters at UFC 131

During the main event heavyweight match between and , the third man inside the octagon, is guided by his conscience and his past as a referee in several UFC matches to give Shane Carwin a chance to continue fighting.

As Carwin fell to the ground and receive several brutal punches from dos Santos, Dean still didn’t stop the match even if dos Santos is yelling at him to stop it. Dean said that his referee’s experience told him that Carwin can still continue and eventually, Carwin had managed to came back in the game.

Dean also added that If he doesn’t see the fighter raising his hands trying to block some punches, he’ll stop the match. But in the case of Saturday night event, one more unblock punch can lead him to stop the match.

Dean said that if you can see someone is working on something and moving to a direction to better his position, the referee must always try to give the fighter a chance to work his things out.

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