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Kenny Florian Founds a New Home in Featherweight

Written on June 10, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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After depriving himself of all the foods the missed munching at, Kenny Florian will finally make his featherweight debut this Saturday at UFC 131.

, who celebrated his birthday two weeks ago, hasn’t eaten much lately in preparation for his co-main event bout against . This coming Saturday, will make his debut at the featherweight division at the Roger’s Arena in Vancouver, Canada. That said, he will be the first fighter in the history of UFC to compete in four different divisions.

Kenny Florian is one of the many fighters who dropped from featherweight since the promotion introduced the weight class, following the earlier this year. Notable fighters like Joe Stevenson, Tyson Griffin and Darren Elkins followed the same course.

Forty pounds are a drastic change even for a fighter who started his UFC career six years ago, that’s why KenFlo understands the intrigue associated with his decision. However, he knew that a switch to featherweight is possible since he already fought at middleweight to get a shot at the first season of The Ultinate Fighter. In addition to this, Kenny Florian shed off all the weight in a healthy manner. While he was on the sideline due to knee injury, he consulted with doctors to ensure that the move can be plausible. Moreover, he have George Lockhart – coach and nutritionist – to plan every gram of his meal.

But a couple of weeks ago, Kenny Florian had to stop his strength training because his muscles were getting too big. Still, he wasn’t worried of any speed disadvantage after loosing some weight. And Diego Nunes agrees with that, as he informed the MMA fans via an interpreter:

“He’s a great fighter, so he’s not going to be debilitated in any way. He lives in the States, so he’s got the best supplements and the best nutritionists you can get.”

According to UFC President, , a win might give Kenny Florian a title shot against . But that will only come to fruition after the fighter devours one thing and the other.

“My birthday will come June 12th as opposed to May 26th. I have probably not one, but two or three cakes waiting for me. And pizza, that’s the one thing I miss. I haven’t had bread in a long time.”

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