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After Taking a Rest, Junior Dos Santos as Fine as Before

Written on June 09, 2011 by Lulu

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"I don't care about the opponent now. I want to fight." --- Junior Dos Santos, UFC heavyweight fighter

There was no excess fats on display, as shows his body before he faces on Saturday. He surely didn’t look like a fighter who hasn’t gone to training for ten months. No noticeable signs of laziness.

As the Brazillian displayed his boxing skills alongside with some tricky mitt work at Wednesday afternoon’s open workouts, he appeared to be as sharp as ever. Even if he became rusty from the rest he took, one would think that the way he hit the focus mitts with the speed and timing of a punk rock drummer couldn’t help but knock that rust right off. Then again, that’s what the mitts are there for.

“I don’t care about the opponent now. I want to fight,” Dos Santos said, after admitting that he was initially ‘a little bit disappointed’ not to get a crack at . “My last fight was ten months ago, so [that’s] too much time to sit out [of] fights.”

Its also a long period of time since he went with a paycheck. But once again, agreeing to take the Ultimate Fighter coaching gig opposite Brock Lesnar also puts the Ferrari in the garage for a moment.

“It does, but you know what? The UFC always finds a way to make things right,” said Junior Dos Santos’ manager, Ed Soares.

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