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Kurt Pellegrino Retires from UFC

Written on June 08, 2011 by Lulu

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UFC fighter Vet Kurt Pellegrino is retiring as a fighter and he said "This might be the right decision for me."

Many was surprised when declared in his website that he will be retiring as a fighter. But to his close friends and families, it likely didn’t come as a surprise at all.

“I’ve been thinking about since (fighting) Josh Neer (at 101 in August 2009),” Pellegrino told host Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of “The MMA Hour.” “I’ve been talking to my wife about it since then, anyway. When it was time to do it, I just said, ‘Do it now.'”

He also mentioned that he wrote the post on his site, published it, and tried to not look back. “I wrote this thing all out and pressed send,” Pellegrino added. I left my house and drove around for a bit. That was how I dealt with it, because it was a hard thing to do. Do I want to fight again? Right now, I kind of don’t.”

Kurt Pellegrino’s initial statement about stepping away left room to return. But his career record of 16 – 6 makes its impossible, and cited that missing key moments with his family concurrently with his fighting is the main reason he’s liable to keep the gloves on a hanger.

“I’m really happy where I’m at right now in my life. I have no regrets with my decision,” Kurt Pellegrino said. “Being away, I missed so much of my daughter’s life when she was a girl, when she was a baby … you miss those little things. I probably fed my daughter with a bottle I don’t think even 20 times. I felt like a really bad father. A lot of guys that fight I think care a lot more about traveling and being away from their families than being with them. And I’d rather be with them.”

Kurt Pellegrino along with his wife will have a new baby boy to go with their daughter. The UFC veteran was on a four winning streak in UFC before losing to at UFC 116 last July. Then it was followed by a split decision loss to Gleison Tibau in his home state of New Jersey at UFC 128 last March. At the time of his winning streak, he won UFC bonuses for a Fight of the Night against Thiago Tavares at UFC 88 and Submission of the Night against Fabricio Camoes at UFC 111. However, he still continues his training and decline to pull out his fight with just over three months later.

Kurt Pellegrino said that Matchmaker Joe Silva and the rest of UFC understood his viewpoint and released him from his contract. Kurt Pellegrinp said he will stay a lot busy with the school he runs, wherein he teaches all the jiu-jitsu classes. He added that every Tuesday and Thursday, he’ll be home to be with his kids, while his wife runs the spray-tan business he purchased for her.

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