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Chris Cope, The Underdog That Enjoys The UFC Experience

Written on June 06, 2011 by Lulu

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Chris Cope is trying to have a good time and savor as much as possible in his UFC experience

of “The Ultimate Fighter” season 13 didn’t look like enjoyed or have much of his companion. Maybe because it is really difficult to have when everyone that surrounds you think that you could plot or plan something that could be used against them.

Even if he was called as a “” by his own comrades, who believes that he’s giving their training secrets to their enemy. He still manage to reached the semifinals of the welterweight tournament that surprised many.

After Chris Cope dominates over his friend housemate Chuck O’Neil at the Ultimate Fighter 13 finale on Saturday, he said that he just want to have fun or the whole thing. Then yells of his The Ultimate Fighter calling card “Wooooooooooooooooooo!” that he gave out a few times during the bout were plenty indications of that.

Chris Cope said that this whole experience is supposed to be fun after his 30-27 sweep of his colleague and friend O’Neil to open the main card Spike broadcast.”That’s why we do all of this. When i go out there, I’m trying to have as much as possible.” cope said.

Winning a match absolutely helps,even if it came at the cost his trusted friend in the TUF house. Cope said that they still retained in touch after the show finished its taping earlier this spring. Till a call from Joe Silva announcing that they would be in the finale facing each others in a match

It was a hard thing for both Cope and O’Neil due to they are friends. Cope also describe O’Neil as one of the persons he really trust and kept in contact too after the TUF ended.

But they can’t do anything about it. Because its a part of the show so they must come up against each other.A 2-to-1 darkhorse against O’Neil, Cope will be pleased to silence some disbeliever with the win. But he was used to it being underestimated from the whole season of TUF.

Chris Cope still isn’t sure what will come after him,yet he’s still excited to take it as it arrive in front of him and take pleasure in it.

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