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The Five Burning Questions Heading to UFC 131

Written on June 05, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Before UFC 131 kicks off on June 11, answer these five burning questions first.

UFC 130 is now written in the books. And while many fans were disappointed in the performances of the two main events, the fighters in the preliminary card were able to steal the spotlight from the big names. Meanwhile, UFC’s next event will be the that will feature and .

What follows are five burning questions heading to UFC 131, which will kick off on June 11 at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada.

1. Will the absence of hurts the pay-per-view sales?

Since he joined the UFC and rocketed the heavyweight division, Brock Lesnar’s talent and worth as a top contender have been a constant debate topic. However, it cannot be denied how the former heavyweight champ pulls a pay-per-view. So with the original main event – Brock Lesnar vs Junior Dos Santos – scrapped for the fight card, what sales can the promotion expect for this pay-per-view?

2. Will Michihiro Omigawa win this time?

Michihiro Omigawa had a two-fight run at UFC’s lightweight division from 2007 – 2008. However, he loss both fights. Following his 11 fights at the featherweight limit in Japan, Michihiro Omigawa will face Darren Elkins at UFC 131. If he loses this time, he may have a short UFC stint afterwards.

3. Will submit Mark Munoz at UFC 131?

Not so long ago, Demian Maia was considered as one of the best submission artists in MMA. But his 11-0 record was smeared when knocked him out within 21 seconds at UFC 102. He has not scored a submission victory since he forced to tap out at UFC 95 in 2009. Now that he’ll be facing Mark Munoz on June 11, will Demian Maia be able to redeem his reputation?

4. Where will the Kenny Florian vs Diego Nunes winner be next?

Kenny Florian will make his UFC debut at UFC 131, facing Diego Nunes in Vancouver. And with Jose Also expected to make another title defense sometime in September or October, it is feasible that the winner between Kenny Florian and Diego Nunes will be the champion’s next contender.

5. Which is a better match-up: Lesnar vs Dos Santos or Dos Santos vs Carwin?

Some fans opined that Junior Dos Santos vs Shane Carwin is a better match-up than the former facing Brock Lesnar. They say that the current pairing is more exciting, as both Junior Dos Santos and Shane Carwin are better fighters while on their feet. On the other hand, fans say that Brock Lesnar will just use his wrestling prowess to take Junior Dos Santos down and see what he’s made on the ground.

So which is a more exciting duel: Brock Lesnar vs Junior Dos Santos or Junior Dos Santos vs Shane Carwin?


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