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Understanding MMA Conditioning

Written on June 04, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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While few take the time to understand exactly what conditioning really is, Fighting Insider is here to give you a short course on MMA Conditioning 101.

A huge amount of time and energy in is spent in training to improve . However, few coaches and fighters doesn’t really know what ‘’ is all about. While many fans would say that fighters are some of the best conditioned athletes out there, it may not be really the case. So what is the true meaning of ‘’?

Conditioning is a measure of how well an athlete meets the energy production demands of their sport. For instance, a football player who can generate tremendous for 10-12 seconds each play of the entire game, is as well conditioned as a MMA fighter who can last five rounds of championship bout. However, it cannot be denied that a MMA fighter needs a great deal of cardiovascular development and muscular .

The thing is, each sports require power and endurance. The former being the ability to rapidly produce an energy, while the latter is the ability to produce energy for a long period of time. MMA is a mental and physically challenging sports, since it requires a combination of high power and high endurance. That said, it is good to know more about the fundamentals of conditioning. And that will be our topic for next week, so just keep it posted here at Fighting Insider.


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