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TUF 13 Episode 10 Recap

Written on June 02, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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At long last! This week's episode names the contenders for the TUF 13 champion bout.

The Ultimate Fighter season 13 concluded last Wednesday night with its regular season finale and two semifinal fights. As the episode starts, is still the center of attention. During episode nine, a drunk took verbal tirade at Clay Harvison, which turns pretty much of the whole cast against the former. He then made a group apology, especially to Clay Harvison and , but it only fell on deaf ears. Before long though, it was weigh-in time for the first semifinal bout: ’s and . Soon, they head into the first fight.

Following a touch of gloves, the fighters patiently circle. Ramsey Nijem attempted to bring Chris Cope on the mat, but the latter was able to escape it. The Team Lesnar fighter then answers with punches to the body and knees. The same fighting stints continue, until the bell sounded for the end of first round.

The second round kicks off with both fighters looking ready to go. Following the furious exchange of kicks, punches and attempted takedowns, Ramsey Nijem lands punches with frequency and buckles his opponent with a right to the chin. He continues to land punches, as Chris Cope falls to the mat. The referee calls a halt to the bout and it’s a TKO win for Ramsey Nijem.

Team Dos Santos celebrates its victory, but it’s now time for Tony Ferguson and Chuck O’Neil to weigh in.

A touch of gloves begins the match, and the fighters circle in close range. Tony Ferguson lands first with a left and goes low with a kick. The fighters trade solid straight punches, and Tony Ferguson starts to get the better of it. Chuck O’Neil executes low kicks and straight punches, but his opponent mixes in some counterattacks. Eventually, Tony Ferguson’s striking becomes more accurate, but was slowed with Chuck O’Neil’s low kicks. The former counters the next kick with a solid right, and pushes the latter to the mat. Tony Ferguson opted to remain standing though, and the bout starts again. His solid footwork and head movement is making him elusive, but Chuck O’Neil mixes in some decent low kicks and short punches. He fires off body kicks, and then lands three nice punches as the round ends.

After corner instructions, the fighters head out for round two. Chuck O’Neil throws an inside leg kick and his opponent answers. The fighters continue to trade punches, but Tony Ferguson is quicker and effectively mixes in low kicks that are hurting his opponent’s base. He snaps off a low kick, eats a punch, but lands his own. Chuck O’Neil is now bleeding heavily from the pinpoint strikes, but keeps on pressing. However, Tony Ferguson closes out the round with some solid leg kicks.

With the semifinals slotted for three rounds, the final frame is underway. Tony Ferguson trips up Chuck O’Neil with more low kicks. The latter is now on the defensive and retreats with single punches. Chuck O’Neil is obviously hurting as he tries to circle. Tony Ferguson continues the head and foot work, and picks his shots progressively. His opponent takes in more punches and is dropped with a right. He probably could finish him, but calls for Chuck O’Neil to stand up — who quickly shakes it off and went back to his feet again. Tony Ferguson throws a low kick, followed by punches. Chuck O’Neil tries to swing back, but he’s on a battered leg and finally hits the mat with another body punch. The ref has seen enough, and calls for the TKO stoppage.

Tony Ferguson’s victory did not get much reaction from the cast members, but he’s proud of his performance. He and Ramsey Nijem will meet on Saturday at The Ultimate Fighter 13 Season Finale, where the newest TUF champion will be crowned.


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