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TUF 13 Episode 9 Recap

Written on May 26, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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The last quarterfinal matches of TUF 13 are now in the books. So who's the happy coach now?

With the first two quarterfinals out-of-the-way, the audience will find out who will face ’ Ramsey Nijem and ’s Chris Cope in the semifinals. As episode nine starts, is getting ready for his fight and rematch against Chuck O’Neil — who recently got a second life as a wild-card pick. On the other hand, Chuck O’Neil says that he’ll give half of his win bonus to teammate – Charlie Rader – who’s legally fighting to get back his son. At the gym, the Team Lesnar representative is drilling strategies with his coach. Soon, it was fight day.

A touch of gloves gets the match started, then Zach Davis opens with a quick jab. However, he was tagged with a quick flurry of straight right and a low kick. Between exchange of punches and knees, he attempted to take Chuck O’Neil down a couple of times. However, the latter was able to shake it off. Through the end of the round, Chuck O’Neil unloads a vicious barrage that open facial cuts and has Zach Davis reeling.

As the second round begins, Chuck O’Neil knocks Zach Davis to the mat with a low kick, works from half guard, and delivers punches. He was able to rattle his opponent, who’s already looking depleted, during the round. While the Team Dos Santos fighter shoots for the las time, his opponent easily avoids it as the round ends. It’s unanimous, and Chuck O’Neil takes it 20-18 on all three judges’ cards. But despite his victory, Zach Davis was able to earn Chuck O’Neil’s respect because of the former’s toughness. Unfortunately for Zach Davis, his retinas were torn and needed laser surgery. And with the likelihood of re-injuring his eyes or going blind, the doctor advised that he can no longer fight. The bad news that was announced the following day hit Chuck O’Neil very hard, and gave his opponent a hug.

With that, the attention now turns to the last quarterfinal bout: Team Dos Santos’ vs Team Lesnar’s . The Team Dos Santos fighter started the day by writing a letter to his daughter, then it was fight time.

Ryan McGillivray works a jab to create distance, but Tony Ferguson strikes first with a straight left. The latter then lands a nice inside leg kick, and then drops his opponent with a solid short left uppercut. He swarms in with additional punches and forces the quick KO stoppage. Team Lesnar were elated, while Ryan McGillivray can’t look at his daughter’s picture without shedding a tear.

Later that day, announced the match-up for the semifinals:

Ramsey Nijem (Team Dos Santos) vs Chris Cope (Team Lesnar)
Tony Ferguson (Team Lesnar) vs Chuck O’Neil (Team Lesnar)

Back at the house, both teams combined for a party with lots of alcohol. While Ramsey Nijem is in stripper mode, Charlie Rader pours a bit of his drink on Tony Ferguson’s head. They eventually crashed over a crouch, until someone yelled. The fighters then stand and – when the rest find out that Tony Ferguson was serious – were quickly separated. When pretty much everyone in the room lost respect for Tony Ferguson, Chuck O’Neil promised to himself that he will beat him.


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