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MMA Diet 101: Post-workout Nutrition

Written on May 21, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Following the pre-workout meal discussion last week, Fighting Insider will be sharing what food to eat after you lift those weights in the gym.

“What should I eat and drink after my workout?” is a major concern for all serious athletes. So cutting through all the clutter about the post-workout that you should take, here are the things that you should know.

First, no miracle post-workout supplements will cure your woes if your is poor to begin with. Just because you already swallowed your last night’s dinner and what you ate the entire day, that doesn’t mean that your body ceased burning and dispersing amino acids and nutrients throughout your system. Second, athletes can also benefit from post-lifting whey hydrolysate or amino acid blend shakes. However, more and more fighters are turning to real food .

While real food can contain unsafe ingredients like pesticide residues and waste runoff bacteria, many MMA athletes realizes that their bodies function well when taking in quality food. For a safe choice, purchase foods from local, ethical and sustainable farmers or growers. The less you buy from environmentally destructive, corn-fed, slaughterhouse ag-corporations, the more benefits you can acquire.

After a workout, try to acquire what you get with any other — healthy carbs, fat and protein source. Looking at many elite athletes’ diet, you’ll see the same basic foods appearing again and again: Nuts, berries, yogurt, EVOO, fish, seeds, whole grains, water, cottage cheese and chicken.

So to sum it all up:

1. Beware of ‘studies’ and don’t get too caught up in the craze.
2. Bear in mind that even personal food purchase can have a widespread positive effect.
3. As a mixed martial artists, always have a mixed balanced diet.

Do you have any post-workout regimen that would like to share? Fighting Insider would be pleased to see it on the comments below.


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