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Rampage Get a Bit Serious in UFC 130 Main Event

Written on May 20, 2011 by Alvin Guerro

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UFC 130 main event is getting hotter.

The main event featuring Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Matt “The Hammer” Hamill is getting hotter. Rampage Jackson said in his past interviews that he was not excited in fighting , but he has now insisted that he is getting a bit intrigued after his opponent stated earlier thet he is going to “break his will.”

Rampage Jackson mentioned in one of his interviews that his only motivation is to win. But Matt Hamill’s statement has push him to take the fight a bit personal. The former told the reporters that he is now motivated to train harder on the fight.

On the other side, Hamill defended his statement which he explained that he only said that because he taught that Rampage would overlook him. Jackson has fought tough fighters before that maid him as one the best fighter in the world, this make Hamill a bit offended about Rampage MMA profile.

Talking about gameplan, Hamill and his manager Duff Holmes knew that they would be out-wrestled and going to be taken down thats why they will try to take Rampage by boxing.

Meanwhile, Rampage expressed that it is a pleasure for him in having the chance to have the light heavyweight title again but what he love most is seeing the fans again on the octagon although he know that this fans do not understand the reason why he is retiring soon.

Rampage in his last statement during his interview said that he is there to entertain the fans but he do care about them the same way as he care about his family.

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  • Newton

    hey alvin, i just found this site and i love the fact its not blocked by my work. Do me a favor and proof read your articles man! this one is riddled with grammatical errors and type-o’s!

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