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TUF 13 Episode 8 Recap

Written on May 19, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Last Wednesday's episode features the first two quarterfinal bouts of TUF 13. Whose team will have another win on their record and lead the trail?

Last night, following a 14-man tournament and a single wildcard bout, the kicks off with its quarterfinal matches. And from what the audience learned from episode 7, the quarterfinals include the following match-ups:


Chris Cope vs Shamar Bailey
Chuck O’Neill vs Zach Davis
vs Ryan McGillivray

And with that, last night’s episode featured the first two quarterfinal brawl.

During Ramsey Nijem’s training session with at the gym, the head coach told his fighter to either stay at the distance or move in close. reminded Ramsey Nijem not to sit in the pocket, since Clay Harvison has a solid cross. Following that, both teams convene at the gym where UFC President – – introduced middleweight fighter, Brian Stann.

The former Marine gave the TUF 13 cast members a pep talk about how the US Marines gave Brian Stann the discipline he needed to become a MMA fighter. The UFC middleweight also added that this kind of commitment must be embraced by anyone serious about the sport. At the end of his speech, lead the round of applause.

At the subsequent Team Lesnar session, Clay Harvison and the coaches checked on his hand which was previously dislocated. Nevertheless, the fighter is focused on his game planning. Brock Lesnar wants his fighter to create distance so he can let his hands fly. In addition to this, the head coach also gave him some wrestling technique drills. Soon it was fight time.

Clay Harvison looks to throw hands, but Ramsey Nijem immediately ducks and shoots to get the takedown. The former tries to get back up, but the latter takes his back in the process. Clay Harvison continues fighting to get up, while his opponent attempts to secure his hooks. Ramsey Nijem eventually flattens out the Team Lesnar fighter, delivers some hard punches, and then quickly locks in a fight-ending rear-naked choke — the TUF 13’s quickest finish to a fight.

Following the first quarterfinal bout, the focus quickly shifts to Chris Cope vs Shamar Bailey fight the following day.

Shamar Bailey wings some shots as Chris Cope patiently circles. The latter continues bouncing until the former lands a punch, but to no avail. The Team Lesnar fighter takes the center of the cage and creates some distance, but his opponent rushes in for a single-leg takedown. Chris Cope defends and pops Shamar Bailey with punches to the head and body while showing good balance. The Team Dos Santos representative continues working for the takedown, but his opponent defends well. He clinches with Chris Cope against the cage, who easily circles off. He moves in with punches and clinches again, but his opponent works a few quick knees to the body and gets through some punches before circling off. After stalking his opponent, Shamar Bailey lands a left and moves in for the takedown. However, Chris Cope again unloads punches to the head and body as the Team Dos Santos fighter wraps the hips. He uses a whizzer to circle off again and reset. Shamar Bailey now waves to the Team Lesnar fighter before shooting again. But Chris Cope was able to stuff it and unloads knees before a surprising first round ends.

The second round begins with the fighters trading punches before bouncing out of range. Shamar Bailey moves in and eats a counter shot, while Chris Cope throws jabs and straight punches with more frequency. The former gets through a nice body shot, while the latter stays light on his feet and lands some counter shots. The Team Dos Santos fighter moves in with a punch but is countered again. Both of them circled some more and Shamar Bailey shoots for a single leg. It looks like he’s got it, but the Team Lesnar representative balances out of it again. While clinched, the fighters traded knees, but Chris Cope circles away. His opponent lands a nice combo, resets, but he countered. His opponent continues moving in with punches, but he has his timed well now. Chris Cope pushes Shamar Bailey into the cage, is reversed, but continues landing more punches and knees. The former then circles away, while the latter lands some straight punches that doesn’t seem to have much effect. Chris Cope defends against another takedown before unloading dozens of punches to the head and body, while his opponent clings to his hips. He circles away before the second round ends without Shamar Bailey scoring a single takedown in the entire fight. At the end, the judges agree and unanimously score it 20-18 for Chris.

Last night’s episode gave both Team Lesnar and Team Dos Santos a 1-1 record. Will the next episode have the same outcome? Fans are in for some interesting match-ups next week. So just keep it posted here at Fighting Insider for more TUF 13 updates.


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