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GSP’s Left Eye Back to Normal

Written on May 17, 2011 by Alvin Guerro

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GSP is a back on training after his left eye's visibility has got much better from 10 percent visibility.

is training again after his left eye healed. His left eye was damage during his fight against at , resulting to Hyphema or bleeding of the eye. took a rest for while to fully recover and bring back his left eye’s full vision.

Georges St-Pierre’s jiu-jitsu coach and ophthalmology, Dr. Bruno Fernandez, said that the fighter’s vision was affected by the injury and could barely see things clearly. The ophthalmologist insisted that eye sight was really measured based on the lost field of vision, clarity and depth perception. He also elaborated that having Hyphema is like looking through a really dirty window, making your vision significantly impaired.

Georges St-Pierre was lucky that the blood in his eye has been reabsorbed in two weeks after his fight. Some extreme hyphema might cause permanent visual impairment according to Dr. Bruno Fernandez.

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