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MMA Diet 101: Pre-workout Nutrition

Written on May 14, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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What should you eat before you workout depends on you. Check out the article below to know more.

Although the term ‘pre-wrokout’ is commonly used, it vaguely describes its complexity. You often hear meals, bars, supplement, drinks. But what you don’t hear is what type of workout influences your nutritional demands beforehand. There are athletes who can eat one meal a day and seemingly break all established rules of and exercise, while some strength and conditioning coaches recommends doing High Octane Cardio on an empty stomach. The way to know what works best for you is by having a journal.

Keeping track of what you feel, the type of workout that you are doing and its results will help you put these information together. Whether being fit is part of your career or lifestyle, checking in with yourself and knowing what works will help you acquire a long-term and smarter commitment to your body.

To do that, ask yourself these following questions:

1. How do I feel during and after doing a light, medium or intense cardio on an empty stomach? After a few months, do I see myself getting leaner or just storing additional fat?

2. Can I or do I chose the optimal time for me to workout? When would that optimal time be?

3. What pre-cardio, pre- training or pre-lifting meal best fits me?

4. Which provides the best exercise boost for me: Coffee or tea?

5. Am I taking my based on mental or physical comfort?

6. Working out in the morning; What time do I go to bed and when is my last meal?

For question four, studies show that aside from being a stimulant, caffeine can actually lessen the “burn” feeling that comes from higher rep exercise. With regards to the sixth question, it’s not recommend to fast for more than eight hours then workout without a small meal.

For more information, you can check out Men’s Health to know how to make healthy breakfast choices. Moreover, Mayo Clinic also provides concrete advice when it comes to breakfast and other meal during the day.


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