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Nick Diaz Boxing Match, Still no Assurance for Jeff Lacy

Written on May 13, 2011 by Alvin Guerro

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“I’ve been hearing for years about MMA taking over boxing. We’ll see about that in the ring with Diaz and me.” --- Jeff Lacy, former middleweight boxing champion

, a former middleweight boxing champion, is doubting if his bout with is still possible. The California native, , is said to fight UFC welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre, making Jeff Lacy’s chance to fight the welterweight champ impossible.

He stated in a press release on Thursday that he already agreed to the bout with Diaz, but he heard through rumors that the latter is not serious in fighting him. He added that Nick Diaz’s “so-called heavy hands can’t back up his big talk.” Jeff Lacy is calling out Nick Diaz without hesitation, although there is still no assurance that the MMA fighter would still match-up against him. He mentioned that Nick Diaz is the one who started the scenario and he has just responded to his challenge. Therefore, a bout between them must be done.

Meanwhile, Nick Diaz, who recently won his fight against Paul Daley last April, is pursuing to have a career in boxing. His proposed fight against Jeff Lacy could be his debut in boxing in case he is interested. According to his contract in Strikeforce, he is permitted to do boxing and MMA. In relation to this, UFC President – – believes that Nick Diaz should not be in the boxing world, although he is a potential boxer.

Talking back to boxing champ, Jeff Lacy is patiently waiting to see if there is any progress about his bout with Nick Diaz. Boxing promoters would call the Nick Diaz vs. Jeff Lacy bout as ‘Breaking History’ which could be done in later months of this year. But in spite of all talks, the Jeff Lacy and Nick Diaz boxing match has still no confirmation.

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  • Dontrell Lovet’t

    This could mean trouble for Diaz..there is no takedowns, submissions or clinches in boxing, so he’ll have no “go-to” when he is outclassed by the hands of Lacey. 

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