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Zuffa Now Covers Training Injuries in Fighter Insurance

Written on May 10, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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UFC and Strikeforce fighters are now protected in and outside of the cage whenever they acquire an injury. Thanks to the newly added fighter insurance policy for training injuries.

LLC, the parent company of Ultimate Fighting Championships () and , announced last Monday that almost 350 fighters on its roster will be eligible now for ‘customized insurance coverage’. That is in addition to the company’s existing in-cage insurance.

Up to this day, UFC has provided a $100,000 policy for each fighter every event to cover injuries sustained during a bout. However, when a fighter suffered an injury at training, he is responsible to pay his medical bill out-of-pocket. But it won’t be that way anymore, as Zuffa ensures its fighters – that are classified as independent contractors – that they are protected both in and outside of the Octagon. The newly added policy covers and non- like automobile accidents.

As said on UFC’s press release last Monday, Zuffa has been eyeing fighter insurance for its athletes’ training injuries ‘for several years’ now. However, they had difficulty searching for a company that is willing to insure mixed martial artists. Fortunately, the promotion found the Houston-based specialty insurance group, HCC Insurance Holding. Based on UFC Chairman and CEO, Lorenzo Fertitta:

“Our athletes are some of the very best in the world and we’ve committed significant financial resources to provide them with insurance that complements the gold standard we have set for event-related coverage. We’re pleased to provide coverage that enables our athletes to seek and receive treatment for injuries sustained while preparing for bouts.”

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