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MMA Diet 101: Creatine

Written on May 07, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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In this week's edition of MMA Diet 101, Fighting Insider will provide you with few information about Creatine and how you should consume it.

If you’ve eaten salmon or steak, you’ve consumed . Years ago, few body builders believe that was actually sharp pieces of finely ground glass, which tears your muscle fibers microscopically after taking it. These tears will then heal, and then your muscles will grow bigger and stronger. And albeit there are some myths about that lurks in all parts of a supplement store, there are also studies and researches from various respectable sources that are in progress.

Creatine is safe to take if consumed in moderation — probably less than 5 grams a day or about a teaspoon. Studies show that at this amount, an individual can reach maximum saturation levels with a majority of benefits. Those benefits ranges from helping the brain recover from a stroke, to boosting memory and increasing mood in sleep-deprived person. Hence, it is unnecessary to load with too much Creatine.

Aside from the benefits aforementioned, Creatine can certainly help you gain muscle, especially if you make anaerobic exercises and taking in surplus amount of calories to gain weight. As soon as it reaches your muscles, it becomes Creatine Phosphate that serves as your ATP’s – or your body’s main energy source – backup. It also hydrates muscles, making it work longer and recover more quickly. And if used as recommended, Creatine will not ruin your liver.

When taking Creatine, it’s highly recommended to increase your daily water intake by 12oz. Moreover, it is best absorbed by the body when mixed with a non-acidic juice like grape juice, or you can take it with your morning protein shake. Whether you’ll consume Creatine before or after workout is up to you. Either way, it will keep your body primed. In case you missed taking your Creatine, that’s okay. It wouldn’t hurt to stop taking Creatine for a few weeks, so that your body won’t forget how to effectively use its own store.

Will you cramp? The answer to that question is still up in the air. If you’re taking the right dosage with increased water consumption, it most likely not. However, Creatine acts like a sponge, and human body reacts differently. So muscle cramps is also not out of the question.

And if you’ve decided to add Creatine to your daily supplement, always look for “100% German micronized creatine monohydrate.” That way, you are assured that it was broken down into smaller, easier to digest particles.


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