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Rashad Evans: Michael Bisping vs Anderson Silva will be Interesting

Written on May 06, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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UFC light heavyweight fighter, Rashad Evans, believes that Michael Bisping deserves a shot to duel against Anderson Silva, and that a Bisping vs Silva match is interesting.

showed his interest in fighting for the title in the future — if given the shot. But the British middleweight fighter has a lot of detractors who disparages his chances of dueling against the division’s champ. However, light heavyweight fighter – – believes that it is a mistake to write Michael Bisping off that easy.

In an upcoming interview with and, Rashad Evans spills his thoughts in the situation:

“Michael Bisping is something else, because he doesn’t really show well, but when you’re in the cage with him he absolutely is a lot better than he shows. That’s one thing I learned by fighting him. And his takedowns have gotten a lot better, I have been impressed by that – and by his transitions to those takedowns.

“See its one thing to be able to hit a takedown – anybody at this level in MMA, we all know how to take someone down. But its the little things that make your takedown effective and one of the things is your transition from your punches to your takedown.”

It should be remembered that Rashad Evans once locked horns to Michael Bisping, when the latter was still in light heavyweight and the former won by split decision. He also added that Michael Bisping’s effective takedown is Anderson Silva’s Achilles Heel. Moroever, he also believes that putting the two fighters together inside the Octagon is an interesting match.

Rashad Evans, who will meet Phil Davis this summer, also discussed Jon Jones, his new training camp and continued hopes for a title shot. Stay tuned for the complete interview at Fighters Only and

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