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Nick Diaz: Ready to Take a Fight Against GSP

Written on May 06, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Looking for the next UFC welterweight title contender? Search no more, because Nick Diaz is ready to duel against George St-Pierre.

If UFC is searching for ’s next contender, they may not need to look further. According to , his fighter – – is ready to accept the challenge to face in the Octagon. That’s if UFC execs, and Lorenzo Fertitta, will make the offer.

Since his victory over Paul Daley in Strikeforce last April, Nick Diaz did not keep his desire to take a shot in pro-boxing a secret. Unfortunately, there is a lack of contenders in his division – aside from the fact that he apparently receives less per bout.

During the UFC 129 weekend, Dana White stated a few times that he plans to talk to Nick Diaz and Cesar Gracie to iron out the fighter’s future. The UFC President admitted that the fighter has all the rights to go boxing based on his contract, but he hopes to keep Nick Diaz active in MMA instead. And a fight with George St-Pierre might be the key.

However, Cesar Gracie said that Dana White hasn’t called him or Nick Diaz yet to schedule a meeting, and settle everything out. But he believes that it will happen soon. It now only depends to UFC and GSP if they want Nick Diaz inside the Octagon.

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