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TUF 13 Espisode 6 Recap

Written on May 05, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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The last two fights at this week's TUF 13 is already on the book. Whose team took the lead and who were the lucky wild card picks?

As Fighting Insider jumps into the newest episode of The Ultimate Fighter season 13, ’s latest victory is still fresh in everyone’s mind. But they were not able to close the gap at 3-2 without a cost, as the team’s Clay Harvison injured his pinky during his match against Mick Bowan. So he was brought to the emergency room afterwards.

At their training session, discusses the last two preliminary rounds and the possibility of his fighters being wild card picks — including Len Brentley. However, the contentious fighter was found in the cage screaming in agony due to a knee injury. Good thing, the doctor downplays the severity of his injury and, together with Clay Harvison, was relieved.

Back at the gym, Brock Lesnar then announced the next match: Team Lesnar’s vs ’ Justin Edwards. Which leaves the audience with Team Lesnar’s Chuck O’Neil and ’ Zach Davis for the last preliminary match. Soon, it was fight time.

Justin Edwards comes out swinging with wild punches and kicks. Tony Ferguson tries to match him, but he gets the early edge. Tony Ferguson clinches, and though most miss, Justin Edwards continues winging power shots. But midway through the round the Team Dos Santos fighter is slowing a bit, and Tony Ferguson gets through a big left. At the end, the Team Lesnar representative knocks his contender silly with an upkick, and the bout was quickly waved off with stunning knockout and win for Team Lesnar.

After a commercial break, the attention then turns to the next bout and pre-fight preparations of Team Lesnar’s Chuck O’Neil and Team Dos Santos’ Zach Davis.

Zach Davis immediately shoots and gets the takedown, and he lands in side control. He isolates his opponent’s arm, but it allows Chuck O’Neil to get back to his feet. The Team Dos Santos fighter swarms and puts his contender against the cage while delivering knees to the body and legs. Then Zach Davis looks to isolate an arm and eats more punches. Finally, he was able to wrap his legs for a triangle choke and gets the quick tap-out.

With all the seven opening round match-up already recorded, UFC President – – meets Brock Lesnar and to discuss the wild card picks. Plenty of solid candidates have emerged, but the picks were Team Dos Santos’ Javier Torres and Team Lesnar’s Chuck O’Neil.

What will the next week bring to your favorite TUF fighters? Just keep it posted here on Fighting Insider for more episode recaps.


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