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UFC Heavyweight Champ Almost Recovered from Shoulder Injury

Written on May 04, 2011 by Alvin Guerro

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Current UFC heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez, is almost okay, after assuming that he has recovered 90 - 95% from his shoulder injury.

The reigning UFC heavyweight champion, , proudly announced that he feels his shoulder was almost recovered. The heavyweight champ dramatically told the reporters his emotions in the UFC 129 event and how he missed the bouts and fighting his opponents.

The shoulder injury of Cain Velasquez was a result of his fight against , which the former noticed a few hours after the fight. The reigning champion said that he feels so much pain on his shoulder and wasn’t feeling all right in the night when he lay down. He was then told by his Doctors to get a six-week off, but Cain Velasquez requested a surgery earlier this year after he felt that the pain is getting worse.

The Mexican pride will face the winner of the bout in the upcoming . The title defense of Cain Velasquez will take hold on October 8 in Houston.

Confidently, the UFC heavyweight champ assumed that he will fully recover in two months from now.

“I feel like I’m 90 or 95 percent right now. I’m supposed to see the doctor this week. I think the next process is strengthening the arm, but not going 100 percent. A lot of technique, a lot of foot work.”

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