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Should Mark Hominick’s Hematoma Have Prompted a Stoppage?

Written on May 03, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Following Mark Hominick's duel against Jose Aldo last Saturday, many fans were asking: Is his Hematoma that dangerous? Let Dr. Johnny Benjamin tell you the answer.

’s swelling forehead was one of the most grotesque images that people saw at last Saturday. But was it dangerous? MMAJunkie’s Dr. Johnny Benjamin discusses the nature of , whether it was right to continue last Saturday’s match, and how such injuries are treated.

According to , visually compelling injuries like Hematoma must be properly inspected by well-trained cage-side medical staff, experienced corner men and vigilant referees. When properly handled, such injuries poses minimal risk to the affected athlete. Hence, an enlarging forehead Hematoma that doesn’t significantly affect an athlete’s vision is not dangerous. As a result, the fight can continue.

To treat a Hematoma like that of Mark Hominick, a large-diameter needle is used to easily evacuate the collected blood. After that, an ice and pressure dressing must be applied to prevent re-accumulation of blood. This minor procedure must be done without delay before the blood clots again. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to remove and can be disfiguring — just like what happens with cauliflower ears.

In an action packed sports like MMA, UFC provides superbly skilled and experienced physicians that are not paid by either of the contender’s team. The medical team behind the promotion’s events evaluates athletes consistently, assuring fighters that they will receive exceptional care between rounds — every time.

Now, if only UFC would just institute an Olympic-style year-round drug testing.

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