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Machida Wins; Couture Loses Tooth Before Leaving UFC

Written on May 02, 2011 by Alvin Guerro

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Randy Couture, being a real fighter that he is, was still able to joke about his lose tooth after suffering a front kick from Lyoto Machida.

The UFC’s legendary and former light heavyweight champion, , lost a tremendous fight against at . Randy Couture suffered a heavy front kick by Lyoto Machida in the second round, leading to a knockout.

Randy Couture who was motionless for minutes after he was knocked out, showed no frustration and stood up waving to the crowd and still managed to joke about a conversation between him and Joe Rogan: “I think the last time we had this conversation, I had all my teeth.”

Lyoto Machida, the 32-year-old Brazilian champ also knocks one of Randy Couture’s front teeth. Dana White who saw what happened and immediately went up to the Octagon to talk to Couture elaborated the story: “Are you alright? (asking Couture) He says, ‘Yeah, he hit me in the tooth,’ and it fell out while he was showing me.”

After a standing ovation and a loud applause from the fans, the 47-year-old and UFC’s five time champion – Randy Couture – was immediately brought to the hospital for a head check. On the other hand, Lyoto Machida who was victorious, will bag $129,000 in his recent fight. He also insisted that he has still a lot to prove even though he was considered at his best in his 16 wins record.

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  • Anonymous

    Machida is good, but not on Randy’s level, regardless of how this fight turned out.

    • Dcee

      because beating someone at something they do doesn’t mean that you’re better than they are at it at all. idiot

      • Anonymous

        Beating someone once doesn’t prove a damn thing, it means you’re a contender. It does NOT make you better, unless you replicate it. Now if he consistantly beat him, multiple times, then I would say he’s better. Everyone loses fights, and your record is what dipicts your true skill level. Who knows, a fighter could have a cold, or their Mother/Father just died, there are a number of factors that could lead to a single loss. Get your head out of your rear buddy. You’re the idiot.

        • Pockets

          Randy Couture sucks ass, never had a chance against Machida

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