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Fear and Irritation on GSP vs Shields Bout

Written on April 30, 2011 by Alvin Guerro

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George St. Pierre is nervous for his upcoming match against Jake Shields in spite of being favored by fans and bettors in the forthcoming UFC 129.

The intriguing challenger, , insisted that he already knew that having a fight between him and is possible before he enter the UFC. He who has broad experience in mixed martial arts has won several great fights, including the EliteXC welterweight championship, that made him to expressed his intention to fight in UFC someday.

George St-Pierre who also knows that he might face Jake Shields on a title bout was aware of his opponent. He said that he watch Jake Shields’ several fights and admit that he is an elite fighter.

GSP and Jake Shields are undisputed welterweight champions in the world of MMA. George St-Pierre has 14 wins and only one loss record in UFC courtesy of Matt Serra. Meanwhile, Jake Shields won his 15 consecutive fights, making him worthy to face GSP on a title bout. Their match-up is one of the most interesting fights in card.

Jake Shields who was half joking elaborated that “He’s been the guy that I’ve been looking at for years as the king.” He added that “Fighting him, I haven’t been able to put it out of my mind. It’s pretty much been eating, sleeping, breathing . I’m ready to get this over with. I’m sick of him.”

George St-Pierre is much favored by the fans in this coming fight. Jake Shields’ smooth career will depend on GSP’s hand if it will stay good or will become rough. However, the UFC welterweight champion admitted that he’s nervous with his forthcoming match.

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