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TUF 13 Episode 5 Recap

Written on April 28, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Team Lesnar frustrated Team Dos Santos' high spirits, as the former's Clay Harvison advances to the quarterfinals.

While ’ 3-1 advantage over is still fresh, and his cast members are in high spirits. With that, the coach announced the next fight: Team Dos Santos’ vs ’s . Good thing, Brock Lesnar was confident with ’s submission skills.

At the Team Lesnar’s workout, Clay Harvison anticipates to see a brawler. Hence, his plans are to keep the fight standing, work punches from angles and frustrate Mick Bowan with jabs. But Clay Harvison was annoyed when he saw Chris Cope watching, while he’s working on a specific combo. Back at the house, he continues bashing about Chris Cope with their other teammates. Meanwhile, someone went to the Zen Garden and wrote “Chris Cope Double Agent” on the sand.

Chris Cope doesn’t understand the paranoia, so he asked his teammates if anyone believes that he’s selling out the team. No one confronts him, and they just said that there have been “suspicions”. Chris Cope insisted that he’s there for the team, so the issue was resolved for the time being. After Team Lesnar had their s’mores around the fire pit, the suspected cast member says that the sand writing looks like ’s. The latter gets heated, blowing up things further.

At the subsequent Team Dos Santos gathering, Mick Bowan admitted that he did the writing on the sand. He did it because he thought that Chris Cope hangs around their team to fish for information for Team Lesnar. So everyone in the house thinks that he’s out to get Mick Bowan. The following day, it was fight time.

Clay Harvison strikes first with a quick right, and frustrated Mick Bowan with low kicks and combo. The former stands over his opponent while he’s on his back, and drops punches and leg kicks before moving into full guard. Mick Bowan throws up a quick triangle choke and attempts an armbar. However, the Team Lesnar fighter easily escaped and rattled his opponent with jabs and combos. The Team Dos Santos’ representative showed signs of life toward the end of the round, but Clay Harvison obviously won it with 10-9.

On the second round, Clay Harvison lands some nice lunging shots and a body kick. The fighters trade a couple of wild punches and then swap leg kicks. Mick Bowan works a solid left jab and is slowly wearing down his opponent. Each mixes in some short punches before the round ends. It’s a close round, but based on the slight aggression and more effective striking, it’s 10-9 for Mick Bowan.

Though a tiebreaker round did not take place, the Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that Clay Harvison won the night. Team Lesnar was elated with their improved record, while Junior Dos Santos implored Mick Bowan to keep his head high. With that, ’s cast member advances to the quarterfinals.


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