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MMA Diet 101: Cooking Your Food

Written on April 22, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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You know what healthy foods you should keep in your cupboard. But how should you eat them?

Now that Fighting Insider is done talking about the basic food facts, it’s time that we learn what goes around them. What are the we’re eating cooked in? What is it coated or flavored with?

First thing we have to talk about is the dip that we use whenever we eat. Though eating your veggies is such a healthy thing, the dressing you need for each bite has some disadvantages. By dipping your foods, you are masking the natural sweetness and flavor of your food. To switch that to a healthier method, use natural products like hummus or natural nut butters. They will add a host of vitamins, nutrients and healthy fats to your meal. Just be sure to include these dips in your overall caloric intake.

Now, should you go or raw food?

Indeed, there are plenty of benefits in eating raw foods. However, a biological anthropologist from Harvard University – Richard Wrangham – suggests that cooked foods improves your body’s ability to utilize foods. He even added that not all raw food diet are natural to humans. So it is safe to say that a combination of raw and cooked foods is the best way.

And if you are going to take cooked food, always look for these words in your menu or recipe: Bake, boil, steam, broil, and grill. More over, you can use coconut oil for cooking instead of margarine or butter.


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